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Longan Honey
Longan flower honey from the honey from the nectar of the flower, longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.), A famous fruit in northern Thailand. The bees will use the enzyme in the digestive bee nectar and are cured. To keep the hive Make honey from longan flowers that look intense and sweet. Suitable for consumption or used as ingredients. In food or drink. To enhance the natural sweetness and value.


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Litchi Honey
The bees collect nectar from the flowers of sweet lychee bubbles. The bees will be swallowed into the stomach and sweet water, sweet water. Digestive enzymes, which are then used to collect nectar in the honeycomb tubes. Then slowly honey. Curing themselves by evaporating water to the water and honey, as it concentrates finally Level appropriate to the task of keeping bees will cover ear tubes. Honey, we call this the "ripe honey" is honey that has standard Is contained no more than 20-21 percent.


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Sun Flower Honey
This type of honey. A light yellow, transparent and simple crystallization. Volume due to glucose More moisture in honey. Popular used to jam, honey.


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Wild flower honey
Or another name is. Honey fifth month. To 100 percent because honey bees collected from the glands of sweet flowers and plants are not only sweet water contamination Ja synthesis.

Mountain Flower Honey
Mountain Flower Honey is derived from nectar of flowers, a combination of such. Sweet taste. Longan honey has the same properties. The different flavors. Miscellaneous aromatic taste of honey is cool The longan honey to taste stronger aroma.


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